Production Facilities

The uniqueness of Honeytop’s products can be largely attributed to its production lines. By developing our own bespoke production plant in-house, only Honeytop can provide the unique quality and authenticity that sets our naans and flatbreads apart from the rest of the market.


  • Production lines have been engineered with built-in flexibility to produce a wide range of sizes, shapes and weights of bread
  • Breads can be topped or filled with a variety of ingredients
  • Products can be supplied ambient, chilled or frozen with shelf-lifes ranging between 7 days and 18 months. (See Product Information – Shelf-life for more details)


  • We insist on retaining as much of the traditional elements of authentic naan production as possible, including slow dough fermentation and shaping every naan bread by hand
  • Hand-shaping ensures the irregular surface appearance, open texture and traditional tear-shaped breads that define an authentic naan
  • All naans are baked in our unique soft-flame fired tandoori-style clay ovens that were designed and built in-house. They allow us to produce authentic naan breads in commercial volumes