Welcome to Honeytop Speciality Foods

If you’re looking for a supplier of naans and flatbreads that offers the very best in quality, value, choice, innovation and service, you’ve come to the right place.

Honeytop is a family run business, where three generations have been committed to ensuring authentic naan and flatbreads are baked to perfection in the most advanced flatbread production facilities in Europe.

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We are very proud to be the market leaders in the UK and Europe, a position which we have achieved through a combination of:

  • The outstanding quality of our breads which are baked by our experienced production team using cutting edge technology
  • A constant programme of innovation in new products and making our great breads even better
  • total focus on our customers, ensuring their whole experience is unsurpassed from first point of contact to the delivery of their breads
  • A fully integrated production and distribution network which offers outstanding value to our customers
  • Working with some of the biggest brands to create unique naans and flatbreads to their exacting requirements