Product Information


Our bespoke naan production lines replicate the traditional Tandoori clay oven baking process and uniquely provide us with large scale capacity and total authenticity.

We bake to traditional recipes using the finest natural ingredients. We invest time and resource into sourcing authentic flavours that have made our naan breads consistently the best tasting on the market today.

At every stage of the baking process we replicate artisan techniques, starting with careful blending of ingredients and mixing our dough very gently, giving it the time it needs to develop and ferment. Individual pieces of dough are then hand-crafted into the traditional teardrop shape with irregular textures, before being baked in soft-fired, tandoori-style clay ovens.

By taking time and handling our dough with the gentlest of care, we are able to ensure our naan breads have the open, light texture and distinctive fresh flavour for which we are renowned.

It’s a difference you can see, feel and taste. This superior quality has been confirmed by market research again and again and has helped make our naan breads the number one seller in the UK and our company the number one exporter into Europe.